Narmeen Hamadeh

About the Artist

Narmeen Hamadeh is a Palestinian freelance interior architect and illustrator with several years of experience working for small and large design firms. Since childhood, she has lived between Riyadh, Beirut, and Milan- where she obtained a Master’s Degree in Living and Interior Design from Domus Academy in 2016.

In this collection which she titled “peculiarity: the state of being odd”  ‘ غَيْر مَأْلوفٍ ;حالة غريبة’ she shines a new light on our reality. She has gracefully merged her heritage with joy-inducing and heartwarming characters, who through their own presence in the space prove to you that the absurd is possible. Narmeen has striven to represent her imagination with the classics and to embrace you with open arms inside this quirky although sophisticated universe.